About ScalerMobile Ecosystem Landing Pad

Scaler Labs is a mentorship program that provides functional and industry expertise for growth-stage startups – specifically for mobile software companies.

We accelerate growth through our vast mentor network with industry leaders from mobile carriers, handset manufacturers, mobile software entrepreneurs, platform providers, service providers, Internet giants and others. Scaler Labs plugs you into our unrivaled ecosystem that makes your startup thrive and succeed.

Scaler Labs does not compete with accelerator programs like Y Combinator, TechStars or 500 Startups. We rather take on where these programs leave off after demo day. Our sweet spot are startups that have raised an initial seed round or series A, have a groundbreaking product on the market, a kick-ass team and growing revenues.

Scaler Labs was founded by Martin Tantow, a serial entrepreneur and mobile industry veteran, who advised and worked for companies such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefónica, AT&T, Telekom Austria, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Cisco and many others.

We are based in one of the most creative and innovative work spaces in San Francisco – The Hatchery SOMA.

Our team

Managing Director, Scaler

Martin has been in mobile telecoms for over 15 years. As a manager and advisor he worked for many of the leading players such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefónica, AT&T, Telekom Austria, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Cisco and many others.

As an entrepreneur and investor he co-founded 3scale, an API management solution and Avalas, a mobile Internet portal. Martin also founded CloudTimes, which quickly became a leading media property on cloud computing. He is a mentor with TechStars, Astia and Startupbootcamp.

Follow him on @mtantow

Partner, Scaler

Nigel has been in ICT for over 20 years. He has built a wealth of corporate company knowledge from his roles at multi-national firms such as Andrew Corporation where he led marketing and business development throughout EMEA and Asia and Harris Corporation where he ran sales in Europe.

Since 2005 Nigel has managed outsourced sales and business development services, helping more than 30 companies to establish their sales globally with a focus in Europe. Clients come from around the world, including the USA and Canada where his cultural work experience is indispensable.