Jean-Marc Frangos

Managing Director, External Innovation, BT Technology Service and Operations

As managing director, External Innovation, Jean-Marc Frangos is responsible for sourcing BT’s external innovation in the United States, in Asia, and in Europe.

Based in Silicon Valley, and in association with leading venture capital firms and entrepreneurs, Jean-Marc identifies disruptive technologies and innovative service opportunities, and establishes the technical and commercial links with BT’s research and operational divisions.

Jean-Marc is also responsible for the teams in charge of articulation and visualization of breakthrough ideas, allowing new concepts to reach implementation decisions faster with more focus on the customer experience. He also runs the internal idea management process which identifies the best innovation candidates from 100,000 BT employees worldwide.

Until 2000, Jean-Marc Frangos was director, Internet and Multimedia for BT Europe, based in Paris, where he managed BT’s development in internet & multimedia, including organic growth and regional partnerships in continental Europe.

Jean-Marc graduated in 1986 from the French Ecole d’Ingénieurs, Telecom SudParis and worked for ITT Data Systems and McDonnell Douglas Information Systems before joining BT in 1991.

Jean-Marc has held a wide range of technical, sales, marketing and management responsibilities during the course of his 25-year career in the world of telecommunications, and was one of the founders of BT’s European expansion.