Masanari Arai

Co-founder & CEO, Kii Corporation

Masanari Arai was the co-founder and CEO of Synclore Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, which merged with Servo Software to become Kii. Synclore was founded in 2008 provides client-server software solutions for operators like Docomo and Softbank, based on its proprietary mobile phone back-up system, which is – with more than $200M of revenues – the world’s most commercially successful system in this space. Masanari has more than 15 years experience in the mobile software space in Silicon Valley and Japan. He joined Intellisync in 1995 as one of the original member of the company, where he served in various positions such as VP product marketing, VP business development, GM for Asia and President of Intellisync Japan. Prior to Intellisync, Masanari was at IBM where he was the product manager of original ThinkPad 700 Series. Masanari has a master of computer science from Toyohashi University of Technology.