mobile-world-congressHow Does It Work

Scaler Labs is a 6+ months mentorship program. We receive a small equity portion based on the stage of the company at program acceptance and take a small monthly fee.

After a careful analysis of strengths and weaknesses, we define KPIs for the coming months and select the mentors that are most likely being able to help the company reach its goals.

Mentors and startups are evaluated in a 360 review session after every three months, possibly rotating mentor participation.

mentoring program cycleProgram Acceptance

Startups can apply here (while applications are open). Please read our application guidelines before applying. It is strongly suggested that you are being endorsed by one of our team members, mentors, partners or alumni. We inform candidates about their program acceptance within two weeks of the application deadline. If you haven’t heard from us, you haven’t been accepted. Sorry.

Gap Analysis

During the first 2 – 3 weeks after program acceptance, we will work with you closely to analyze your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, but also identify potential mentors that could be a good fit. We will define KPIs that shall be reached within 6 months and will track these KPIs closely during the program.

Mentor Cycles

Mentor cycles last three months. During these three months the startup will work with a Scaler lead mentor and the mentor team on the business challenges. The Scaler lead mentor will facilitate the introductions and the ongoing process. The mentors can be reached during their jour fixe hours – dedicating usually one call per week. The lead mentor is generally available and will work hands-on with the startup.

360 Review Sessions

Lead mentor, startup and all mentors participate in the 360 review sessions, which will keep close track of the KPIs, and provide the opportunity to give feedback and streamline the process. Mentors will be replaced to be able to provide a broader set of insights from additional industry leaders. 360 review sessions take place every three months.

Program Length and Costs

The Scaler mentorship program usually lasts 6+ months. Scaler takes 1-5% equity in warrants based on the stage of the company, plus a small monthly fee. Scaler does not provide funding for the dedicated equity. A small portion of the dedicated equity is reserved for outstanding mentor performance and will be allocated during the 360 review session.

Corporate Demo Days

Our portfolio companies will have the opportunity to pitch to our corporate partners and other industry players during our monthly Corporate Demo Days, organized by Scaler.

Subsequent Funding

Scaler currently does not provide funding, however we are connected to 220+ investors from the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our aim is to draw investor attention by helping our portfolio companies succeed!